Crafting Inner and Outer Abundance in the Season of Fall

I'm learning so much from my etheric friends about my abundance, especially in relation to water. 

I've been increasingly interested in dolphins and I found out there's dolphin reiki! (I need this in my life.) I can't swim so I'm seeing the places where I still feel fearful of nature and water.     🐬✨ 🐚

I'm reflecting deeply on this underlying fear and gravitating toward deep earthy stones like hematite to ground into the literal energy of the earth. That I am safe. But also being real with myself, if I'm afraid on any level of Gaia's ocean waves -whether perceived or not - how am I preventing the waters of life from nourishing, blessing, and supporting me? ::

Here's what I've been learning. It's not important to know where the flow of water begins. Its channel flows in a loop of infinity, just as your abundance does. ::

Watch water. Explore how she doesn't perceive blockages, instead, she flows over, under, and in between. She will get to her destination. She can be graceful, peaceful, turbulent, destructive, and wild. She encompasses her full range of expression without question. 

As a practice to lean into your abundance there are a few tools you can use to your advantage... Baths, observing water in nature, praying over water for healing, listening to sounds of water, (I've been listening to dolphin and whale sounds in water and it's been incredible) and drinking plenty of water. 

More soon on this, including guided meditation and teachings as my guides reveal what is meant to be revealed for us all. 

I keep the faucet of my abundance flowing. And that's my wish for you too. 💦 💎 💦

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