About eliza

Poems and prayers and practical heart healing are my magick. I've been working with womxn to transcend the everyday 'ok-ness' in all areas of life since 2008. I'm the safe space, the holder of secrets, the friend you want to come and place all your fears at the feet of. I am the Threshold for your dreams as you get ready to express yourself out into the world. 

When I was 20 I went through the biggest heart break of my life (it's a story I will share on the podcast soon) where I was initiated through a series of traumas that lasted for another 10 years. Walking the edge of the spiral of my life lessons, my heart ripped from my chest, life as I knew it was over. And from the pain, a new woman was born! No one's trauma or drama is easy, and now, many years later, I can see how every single experience met me so that I can be who I am as I am in this very moment. Sometimes, I think about how much easier my healing could have been if I had known about flower essences then!! But at that time the best I had available to me was, Louise Hay, Oprah, and what I could search for on the internet.

I was looking for hope, but I found my own sovereign heart as the medicine. The wounds were deep, but my power is deeper. 

When you're in the thick of the messiness of life, what you really need is a witness so the healing can begin. This is what I became for myself. Now, I share this balm with my clients. 

If you're a magickal woman, this is the threshold for you to rise as the queen of your own heart. That we can break and break again and come back together is nothing short of miraculous. I am here to root down and hold space for you to heal and prepare the way for you own self-reclamation.


walk back out into life
with the sun on your face
you will remember who are you.


Eliza has been the rooting presence for womxn as an intuitive guide since 2008. She uses her knowledge with herbalism, flower essence therapy and ancestral healing, and fuses it with lore, story, and focused intuitive strengthening tools to support womxn through the initiatory hallways of life. 

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