Yarrow Flower Essence

Yarrow Flower Essence


Yarrow speaks: I am a friend and in my friendship I protect you from yourself (you know those times) and from others. If you examine me you see I look like an umbrella, I take most of the rain and protect what’s underneath me, let me do this for you.

I bring the angelic white light down to protect you and your whole energetic field, cleansing and purifying. This flower essence of mine has imprints of deep protection in relationships so you can fully be yourself.

I will stand for you, guide you to find what feels right to share or not share with the people around you. Other people will also notice this protective barrier, they will realize it’s not ok to push / force here and I will give space. I create the invisible fence that the ‘other’ can also feel and respond to, but don’t worry, you are the one I protect.

Yarrow flower essence is useful for:

* When you need to establish boundaries but can’t speak up for yourself about it, Yarrow will create an energetic boundary for you.

*With deep imprints of the Diamond Ray, you are protected by angels and higher guides as you take this essence.

* Protective, good for for those sensitive to others energies, it will create an invisible layer of protection others with ‘big personalities’ will recognize and retreat from.

*My favorite quality of this essence is that it can be used to clear energies from a space or to prepare for meditations like you would white sage. This is a way to clear your aura and energetic system, even your home.  I love putting it in a spray bottle and spraying the room before I channel, meditate, or when the house feels 'heavy'. Great for those who prefer to find traditional techniques for clearing that are Celtic in nature.

You will receive:
ONE .5 oz stock bottle of yarrow flower essence. Made with spring water and organic pear brandy deep in communion with yarrow at the end of summer when the plant is at her peak.

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