Tibetan Quartz Master Healer

Tibetan Quartz Master Healer


Tibetan Quartz is known in the crystal world as the master healer as it can support you with physical pain in the body. Place the stone where you feel tender, meditate and visualize your health restoring or make a powerful gem essence elixir!

This Tibetan Quartz has the beautiful Lemurian striations which you can rub your fingers along to access more insight and clarity in regard to your healing journey and highest vision for your health. It’s said the Lemurian people encoded these stones with secret information and it’s meant for the bearer to uncover! So mysterious and amazing!

Tibetan Quartz is also amazing for clearing and healing any holes in the aura, giving your strength and courage, and cultivating a practice of self-love while on a journey toward loving and being in your body. And with it’s natural point you can direct the energy down toward earth to release energies or point toward a place on your body and extract energies no longer serving you.

You will receive:
ONE tibetan quartz crystal blessed and anointed for you to use. The crystal will come in a beautiful gift bag to keep it safe or for you to share as a gift.

You’ll also receive a free mugwort anointing oil when purchased by December 3rd.

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