Ruby Zoisite Palm Stone

Ruby Zoisite Palm Stone


Ruby Zoisite is the perfect blend of earth and fire energies. It’s a harmony stone supportive for times when you need to access energies of passion and patience. It can assist in tuning your psychic abilities, channeling, and communicating with your guides.

The balance of ruby in zoisite is helpful in transmuting negative energies as you release any shadows or sadness during this Dark time of year. This stone is quite heavy and perfect for holding during mediation or journaling. I like to hold crystals at night while asleep for added messages but there are so many amazing ways to use your stones.

You will receive:
ONE ruby zoisite crystal palm stone blessed and anointed for you to use. The crystal will come in a beautiful gift bag to keep it safe or for you to share as a gift.

You’ll also receive a free mugwort anointing oil when purchased by December 3rd.

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