Flower Lover's Deodorant

Flower Lover's Deodorant


Excited to offer this to you, friends! I’ve been using this formula since 2008 and revising and working it until it feels just right and now I’m offering it to you.

A while back I realized how unhealthy those brands of deodorant are out there and wanted a healthy solution without all the chemicals. It smells yummy and really works, isn’t that the point!

Lightly scented with essential oils of rose and geranium and flower essences for gladness, upliftment, and beauty all around you - this isn’t your grandma’s deodorant.

You will receive:
ONE 2 oz. jar of of Flower Lover’s Deodorant. Made with: aluminum free baking soda, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, essential oils & flower essences.

Because of the coconut oil content it’s best to keep this in a cool cupboard. It’s a paste, take a little dab and rub into your armpit with some kind words and you’ll be set to go…

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