Magick Action Flower Essence Blend

Magick Action Flower Essence Blend


I created this essence formula over a year ago and time and again clients and friends have the most beautiful revelations when they work with this essence. I originally created this for a time when I had forgotten myself and needed to remember I have a body and I need to take care of it! Sounds silly but we can easily space out or focus on the to-do list and leave our needs last. I really needed to feel relief from slipping into habits that had taken my peace and joy from me!

This essence formula helps you to be really present to your body and what you need. You’ll notice yourself taking time for healthy movement and eating healthy meals without much effort, you’ll be more tuned in to your own self-love and finding nourishing and comforting new habits rather than overworking.

This essence also creates real movement in your life if you’re feeling listless or stuck, procrastinating or just, overall, uninspired. It’s like Rhiannon grabs your hand and helps you up on her great white horse and life begins looking joyful and exciting again!

You will receive:
ONE 1/2 oz. bottle of the Magick Action Flower Essence Blend which includes five flower essences,, organic pear brandy, (as preservative) and spring water.

*Please specify in the notes if you prefer vinegar and honey preservative over the brandy.

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