Enchantment Essence

Enchantment Essence


Enchantment Essence is a formula to connect you with the Violet Flame of (your) truth. If you feel you need a tender, loving dose of rationality so you can build a life from your heart's deepest wishes, this essence is here to support you in ushering it in! Take this essence and be wrapped in the purple velvety cloak of enchantment and all the whispers Morgan of Avalon has to share with you.

This essence is useful for:

Times when you are going inward or feel in your dark and depths,
Facing things that make you uncomfortable and you need courage,
Wishing for more clarity on your path so you can walk more safely through the mists,
If you have strong Venus or Libra energy in your chart, this would be an incredible support to you anytime in the year.

Columbine flower essence helps us on our path to our highest purpose. This essence supports us when we lack clarity and feel like we don’t know what to do. It reminds me of the feeling of searching for a light switch in the dark, she will guide your hand as you muddle through any lingering feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or conflicts. She can help so beautifully in opening to your unique ways of being and expressing in the world. You can have what you want!

Bluebell flower essence opens your heart and as you do so holds a very safe net for you to feel your feelings as you find ways to express these held or stuck emotions. Bluebell is gentle and wants you to believe in your abundance, your magick, your joy so you don’t dwell on the negative.

Amethyst matrix gem essence connects you with the matrix of all life and in doing so will show you how to re-pattern stress, overwhelm, and worry. As your crown opens, your heart softens. You will begin to experience deep peace to make choices from a balanced, self-loving place and come strongly back into your body. This amethyst is also soothing to those who get tension or stress headaches! As the great balancer and equalizer, this essence has a lot of Libra energy to support you to stand on a solid foundation as you re-claim the truth of who you are.

You will receive:
ONE .5 oz bottle with essences of bluebell, white columbine, and amethyst matrix. Made with spring water and organic raspberry brandy deep in communion with my guide, Morgan of Avalon.

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