Citrine Hand Mala

Citrine Hand Mala


Citrine!! Who doesn’t love this beautiful stone for it’s prosperity and abundance collecting wisdom. Citrine, associated with the 3rd chakra is here to help you step into (or access) your power and has a natural prosperity magnet kind of vibe.

Citrine is THE stone to use if you’re casting spells for greater abundance, money flow, personal power, and business or work success. This piece is so special as it’s a Citrine Hand Mala with 13 citrine stones that can be used like prayer beads or a mala necklace. Chant your mantras or repeat your personal prayers and as you build your connection with Citrine watch your blessings multiply!

You will receive:
ONE citrine hand mala blessed and anointed for you to use which will come in a beautiful gift bag to keep it safe or for you to share as a gift.

You’ll also receive a free mugwort anointing oil when purchased by December 3rd.

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