Black Agate

Black Agate


Black Agate is such a comfort and protection stone. If you’re needing an extra dose of inner strength and peace this season, this is your stone. Black Agate is stabilizing and will help if you feel frazzled or ungrounded.

A root chakra stone, when using this rather large palm sized stone you can imagine your roots or grounding cord connecting you deep into the core of the earth for protection, strength and a reminder of where you come from. If you’re in a particular stressful or worrisome season of life, this stone is calling to you. Return to your peace, your all knowing wisdom with this loving friend.

You will receive:
ONE black agate crystal (as shown) blessed and anointed for you to use. The crystal will come in a beautiful gift bag to keep it safe or for you to share as a gift.

You’ll also receive a free mugwort anointing oil when purchased by December 3rd.

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