Double Terminated Amethyst Wand

Double Terminated Amethyst Wand


A Priestess Wand if ever there was one, this Amethyst Double Terminated Wand is so special! Double terminated wands are a beautiful tool to have in your crystal collection as they can be used to give and receive energy simultaneously because of the shape. You can access energy from above and below and create wonderful magick when used with intention.

This wand because it’s made of Amethyst can send and receive energies of peace, balance, and detoxification. All properties of Amethyst. This is a tool for magnification, sealing intentions or spells, and crystal gridding. Amethyst will sober you up to see your gifts, talents and great vision for your life.

This Amethyst Wand is about 2.5 inches long with really beautiful markings. Each time I look at one side I see a face looking back at me, I wonder if you see it too? There’s also a small record keeper at the tip of one of the points! Record Keepers are an additional layer of this piece’s deep healing and wisdom/ HINT: MAJOR Atlantean vibes and wisdom stores within the crystal to access and embody.

You will receive:
ONE Amethyst Wand (as shown) blessed and anointed for you to use. The crystal will come in a beautiful gift bag to keep it safe or for you to share as a gift.

You’ll also receive a free mugwort anointing oil when purchased by December 3rd.

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