Amethyst Matrix Gem Essence

Amethyst Matrix Gem Essence


Amethyst matrix gem essence connects you with the matrix of all life and in doing so will show you how to re-pattern stress, overwhelm, and worry. As your crown opens, your heart softens. You will begin to experience deep peace to make choices from a balanced, self-loving place and come strongly back into your body.

This amethyst is also soothing to those who get tension or stress headaches! As the great balancer and equalizer, this essence has a lot of Libra energy to support you to stand on a solid foundation as you re-claim the truth of who you are.

Amethyst was known in ancient times as the gem of sobriety, helping one to see the truth with a clear mind.

Amethyst speaks: “I’m here to sober you so that you can come safely back into your body. Connected to the Violet Ray, imagine you are being wrapped in a violet cocoon of love. A love so deep it wants to see every piece that’s out of place so a plan to rectify can take place. This is my medicine. I will help you think clearly, rationally, and truthfully so you can make space in your heart for a life built on a solid foundation. Reclaim your truth now.”

You will receive:
ONE .5 oz stock essence of amethyst matrix. Made with spring water and organic raspberry brandy.

You can use this essence for headaches, stress, overwhelm, or to connect with the violet flame in meditation.

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