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Let me know if this sounds like you…

You’re always the one keeping things ‘together’ but no one ever asks how you’re doing…
You feel like you have a ton to offer and to share with the world but you hold back…
You hold onto old patterns and stories that run you into guilt, shame, or exhaustion…
You’re an amazing friend, mama, or partner giving 100% to your relationships…

You’ve felt for some time (or a really long time) that it’s easier to let your louder friends or partners take the lead and somehow you got lost in the shuffle. Like, you know how amazing and cool you are! You know you have ideas and feelings and things you want to say! You know you have a heart of gold! But it’s hella scary to trust what to do next when your perfectionism or self-doubt gets in the way.

How would it feel to have someone who will listen, encourage, support, and mentor you? That you’d have time scheduled just for you? That you’d know how to tend your confidence and inner power instead of your insecurities and doubts? That you would know how to handle any self-sabotage that happens as you get comfy with what it feels like to actually receive what you want and need?

This is what you will begin to heal, explore, and uncover inside the
Plant Priestess Mentorship

Outside of our one-on-one time together, you’ll receive opportunities and curated monthly themed projects and activities to connect you to Your Heart, The Earth, and Your Higher Self. You’ll journey each month with a flower essence formula created just for you to support you with clearing patterns of hiding, shame, guilt, fear, or anything else we work through in our sessions together. And you’ll have real life encouragement and support from a mentor who is magickal and woo, but also grounded and heart-centered in my approach to your intentions.

You can begin to shift from feeling frustrated you’re living out the same cycles and loops year after year (same issues at work, same frustrations with family, same boundaries being crossed), and you can build real, humble yet bold confidence in yourself. Because you matter.

You’ll finally stop saying ‘I don’t know what to do’ and understand the value of making decisions that support you. Maybe you even move to your dream farm house and raise those chickens or live more off the land instead of feeling cooped up in the Suburbs that you’ve outgrown. The neighbors peeping on your moon ritual are really starting to bum you out!

You’ll begin healing ancestral patterns and stop worrying that you’re turning into cranky Aunt Becky. And you won’t be afraid to pass these habits on to your kids or project onto your partner or loved ones.

This longing for wholeness and change is your call to action.
Today you say Yes. Today you choose You. Today you decide there’s more to your life than what you’re currently living.


  • Three months of continuous, deep support from Eliza

  • Three 60 minute 1-1 sessions

  • Three custom flower essence formulas (made with love exactly for you)

  • Unlimited email support between sessions (when things come up you’re supported big time!)

  • Guided Meditation to merge with your Higher Self (recommended to practice weekly)

  • Daily Energetic Alignment Practice (to keep boundaries strong and help you feel safe as you do this big work for yourself)


  • Detailed Guidance on How to Work with your Flower Formula

  • Monthly Magickal Practices in beautiful PDF Guides to connect with the Elements, Cycles,
    and Seasons both Inner (your own) and Outer (with the Earth)

  • Daily Personal Practice Suggestions + Journal Prompts

✨ 👇 👇 👇 ✨

Guided Meditation and Energetic Activation of Your Personal Abundance + Mindset (Value $44)
This gift is mega important. I teach you an energetic practice (like reiki) that you can use every single day to boost your mindset around money / lack / fear / bank account / resistance so you can begin having what you really, really want.


Eliza I am so grateful to be receiving your generous offerings of flower essences. I am so grateful to feel joy happiness freedom abundance and my body balance is steadily improving. A long long long time ago... in my own little galaxy of fear and victimhood that I created I was feeling less than all the above sentiments. Today and everyday I bow to the Beloved Universe. In reverence I cherish everyday that I allowed myself to believe in Joy for myself.” ~ MICHELE



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My invitation to You, beloved. More details about working together.


In our work there are three pillars of magick that we will awaken and weave into alignment.

The Earth
Your Heart
Your Higher Self

It’s through the weaving of these 3 Golden Threads that your Quest will be activated. You will begin to find your roots and explore magickal practices that support and inspire you. You’ll begin to trust your inner gifts and strengthen your intuitive channel. You’ll finally have clarity and feel focused and clear minded more of the time. And you’ll learn to trust the power you hold by spending time listening, learning, and appreciating the magick you weave into the world.


  • Foundational Intuition listening

  • Finding Your Voice + Boundary Building

  • Exploring Your Own Needs, Wants, and Wounds

  • Healing from past trauma, family lineage or personal patterns

  • Building a Strong Relationship with Your Higher Self and Heart Desires

  • Embodiment and Earth Based Practices to Release Anxiety and Trauma

  • Clearing Un-Well Relationship Patterning & Bringing Love into Your Life Safely

  • Nourishing Energy Leaks and Chronic Health Challenges

  • Feeling More Connected to Your Witchy or Woo Side

  • Listening to and Loving Your Body

    + So Much More!

Together, we reflect on the Seasons and Rhythms of your personal life and what cycles you flow through and the outward energetics of the earth and Cosmos. Because coming into wholeness requires that we integrate all aspects of life. Through this process you become more balanced, creative, centered, and in-tune with your self.


“I have never felt so safe and seen by a coach before meeting Eliza. Her softness and voice immediately melt away any of my fear and drama and I’m finally coming into balance with anxiety thanks to my flower essences. Literally, this experience has changed me. Thank you so much for what you offer. I’ve learned not only about my self and what makes me amazing, but I’ve learned how to be more brave, how to say NO, and how my trauma caused me to hold back what I want for myself in so many ways. That’s now the ‘old me’!” ~ KARI



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Option 1: Recurring Monthly for 3 Months


Option 2: Pay in Full (Save $100)


You receive….

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Felt Connection between Earth, Heart, and Higher Self

Value ~ Priceless

Each month we journey to feel the connection to what matters for peace, joy, & freedom.

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Deep 1-1 Support and Mentorship with Eliza

Value ~ $1500+

My high end coaching packages begin at $2k for 3 months, this is a BIG savings!

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3 Custom Flower Essence Formulas (1/month)

Value ~ $99

Personalized formulas are only available to 1-1 clients (that’s YOU).

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Guided Meditations & Magickal Practices

Value ~ $111

Meditations, PDF guides, and personalized practices from our sessions all yours to keep.


About Eliza

I always tell my clients that your mentor needs to be a person who loves you, who believes in you, and who will stand up for you and cheer for you. As Light Workers, Highly Sensitive Folx, or Introverts it’s already hard enough to open up and trust. How many times have you felt like it was safe, you share and then you aren’t met with the tender moment of being seen that you were hoping for? This just brings more fear of opening up.

I know this because I’ve had many mentors in my life disappoint or betray my trust like this. I 100% stand for, believe in, adore, and work hard to ensure your magick, that is so special and tender, is held with love and grace, and respect. You express your vision and I see it with you. You are added to my client altar, you are in my heart, and your vision is also my vision for you. Being seen and valued in this way is life changing. It is my honor to walk this path next to you, beloved.


When I was 20 I went through the biggest soul initiation of my life as my most rooted and loved family relationships dissolved. I was finding my place in this world through the displacement of my family of origin. Talk about Root Chakra work and safety! Life changed for me, forever. I believe our stories can be the biggest opportunities to grow.

I am here to root down and hold space for you to heal and prepare the way for you own self-reclamation. 

walk back out into life
with the sun on your face
you will remember who are you.

Eliza Ceci (she/her) has been the rooting presence for womxn as an intuitive guide since 2009. She uses her knowledge with herbalism, flower essence therapy and ancestral healing, and fuses it with earth traditions, and focused intuitive strengthening tools to support womxn through the initiatory hallways of life. She is AADP Certified as a Health Coach, has completed her training as a Priestess of Avalon and Flower Essence Practitioner with Joanne Ameya Cohen, and is a member of the Flower Essence Society.


“Through a really turbulent time in my life I was able to keep morning rituals and promises to myself. Something I’ve struggled with on and off for years. Emotions were usually ‘not my thing’ and I’ve learned to feel what’s ready to be felt - and that’s on my own timing. The flower essences have really helped with this and Eliza is always, always there for me when I need her. I feel more connected to myself and it’s an amazing feeling. ” ~ KIEAWNIE


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