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The Flower Coven 



I want the experience of an open heart, do you? Of connecting more of the time to wonder and joy and peace. A lot of the time we will forget that we have the tools to do this for ourselves. If we can remember in the harder moments, that’s a win.

What if we remembered in any moment to…
put a hand on your heart
remember your breath
take a few drops of a flower essence
slow down and drink an herbal infusion
touch one of your plants
turn off your phone
or go outside, breathe in the cool fresh air or put your hands in the earth

It’s the remembering. Bringing ourselves back down into our bodies. Finding our roots and expanding them wide and deep energetically connecting to the earth. Connecting to how we want to feel, be seen, or express ourselves. How we want to be witnessed, celebrated, and treated.

This is the new self care. For our dreams and lives to come into beauty and balance we must remember the simplest connections back to ourselves.

I have a post-it note on my computer that says, ‘don’t get distracted’, this brings me right back down into my body when I feel any wiggly feeling of wanting to check out. It reminds me to choose me in that moment . And when I do choose me the end result is more self-trust.

We are being called to open our hearts. To connect with the earth.
To be a protector, a guardian, a friend to all living beings.
Beginning with Your perfect and precious Self.

THE FLOWER COVEN is a membership created to give you the experience of knowing and loving yourself in a more consistent way. At some point we lost our magick. We forgot our joy and we disconnected from our freedom. This is the work we are dismantling within the FLOWER COVEN.

You will work with flower essences, guided meditations, rituals, and practices intentionally created to support you in building a relationship with your own intuition. This heals us. This guides us. This nourishes us. And when we are connected to our Higher Self, whole and healed, we are creating an energetic current of healing and magnetic beauty, joy, and freedom in all the spaces in the world we come into communion with.

My vision is to support you in seeing how The Golden Thread of Your Heart is a vital piece of the full picture of The Universe. Without your sacred heart the world is different. I want to support you to re-member and see yourself for the prism of rainbow delight that you are and that you’ll always be.



Option 1: Recurring Monthly

Option 2: Recurring Every 3 Months (Save $11)

Option 3: Recurring Every 6 Months (Save $22)

With your membership you will receive flower essences and other gifts sent to you in the mail every month. You can choose to join monthly or for an extended membership of 3 or 6 months.



fairy magic
yoni cave

Is the Flower Coven calling to your heart? Click below for one of our past month’s magickal meditations. In this free gift you’ll get a feel for me as a teacher and connect in together for an experience of your magick. I hope you enjoy it.



Each month you will be guided energetically by a Guardian / Goddess / Archetype. As the bridge between you and the Guardian, I channel messages and offer practices aimed to support your experience. The flower essences offer daily nourishment to your physical body as you strengthen, shift, grow, release, and explore these offerings.

👼 curious about plants, flowers, trees, and healing the earth
👼 in love with flower essences or you’ve heard about them and haven’t tried them yet (and want to)
👼 interested in topics of magick, ritual, energetic healing, and spiritual concepts
👼 excited to dive deeper into themes of self-care, seasonal living, land healing, + goddess lore
👼 open to exploring your own dreams and vision for your life with curiosity and an open heart

The FLOWER COVEN is a safe space to challenge the current thoughts and social programming. It’s a place where you are loved and accepted for exactly who you are. It’s a place where all questions and ways of being are celebrated and respected.

Registration is now open until Wednesday, July 3rd.


🌹 🌹 🌹

Integral Self-Care Work
Foundational Intuition Practices
Finding Your Voice + Boundary Building
Understanding Our Own Needs, Wants, and Wounds
Journaling, Practices + Building Relationships with Plants, Stones, Elementals
Exploring Mystical Realms with Earth Centric Curiosity
Learning Specific Higher Guide Frequency Energy Healing
Working with + Meeting Your Guides
+ So Much More!

Each Month you receive a flower essence formula mailed right to your door.
Designed to help you feel the living earth within your body and be supported in deep, healing, supportive ways.

red yarrow flower essence

What You will Receive Every Month

✨ One flower essence formula ✨
✨ 1 BONUS herbal goody

{examples of what previous months have included}
herbal infused oil
ceremonial anointing oil
elemental flower essence

mailed with love inside a plant dyed altar cloth with so much love and heart magick

What You will Receive in Your Online Curriculum

✨ Written Exploration of our theme of the month + Practices to Support Your Connection ✨
✨ Channeled audio message + specific guidance for you to Explore with Your Heart
✨ Channeled audio message + specific guidance for you to Express Your Purpose
✨ Detailed Guidance on How to Work with your Flower Formula
✨ 2 Guided Audio Meditation Journeys Every Month✨
✨ Daily Practice Suggestions + Journal Prompts ✨
✨ A Guided Monthly Ritual to Explore ✨
✨ Altar Set Up + Magickal Suggestions ✨
✨ Seasonal Holy Day Bonuses ✨
✨ And much more… ✨

You’ll Receive a Full Month of Practices, Teachings, and Guidance to
Tend to Your Relationship with Yourself.





Registration closes July 3rd.
You will receive your first email on July 1st and essences are sent in the mail by July 4th.


Flower Coven with Essences


Flower Coven with Essences
3-Month Membership


About Eliza


Poems and prayers and practical heart healing are my magick. I've been working with womxn to transcend the everyday 'ok-ness' in all areas of life since 2008. I'm the safe space, the holder of secrets, the friend you want to come and place all your fears at the feet of. I am the Threshold for your dreams as you get ready to express yourself out into the world. 

When I was 20 I went through the biggest soul initiation of my life as my most rooted and loved family relationships dissolved. I was finding my place in this world through the displacement of my family of origin. Talk about Root Chakra work and safety! Walking the edge of the spiral of my life, my heart broken, life as I knew it was over. And from the pain, a new womxn was born. 

No one's trauma or drama is easy, and now, many years later, I can see how every single experience met me so that I can be who I am as I am in this very moment. Sometimes, I think about how much easier my healing could have been if I had known about flower essences!! But at that time the best I had available to me was, Louise Hay, Oprah, and what I could search for on the internet.

I was looking for hope, but I found my own sovereign heart as the medicine. The wounds were deep, but my power is deeper. 

When you're in the thick of the messiness of life, what you really need is a witness so the healing can begin. This is what I became for myself. Now, I share this balm with my clients. 

If you're a magickal womxn, this is the threshold for you to rise as the queen of your own heart. That we can break and break again and come back together is nothing short of miraculous. I am here to root down and hold space for you to heal and prepare the way for you own self-reclamation. 

walk back out into life
with the sun on your face
you will remember who are you.

Eliza has been the rooting presence for womxn as an intuitive guide since 2008. She uses her knowledge with herbalism, flower essence therapy and ancestral healing, and fuses it with lore, story, and focused intuitive strengthening tools to support womxn through the initiatory hallways of life. She has completed her training as a Priestess of Avalon with Joanne Ameya Cohen.

When you register you'll receive a welcome email and details about your membership. I’m always available for questions, please email:



“I feel like the Guinevere flower essence has really helped me be more confident and centered in my creative work and my goals as an artist. ALSO, I made some flower essence blends from local flowers this Spring! I'm going to be using and sharing them a lot come Winter I think.

”What I really want to do is find a way to share flower essences with my community! I only joined recently but your style of meditations really work for me. Thanks & so excited for this month’s offerings.”


5b52d5597c0e7e14dd89356d3de7e083 copy.jpg

“I wanted to reach out to fill you in on all that I have been experiencing within the beautiful space you've created in the Flower Coven. First I want to say that I am so grateful that I have found my way into the Flower Coven. Last month was my first month receiving the flower essences along with the practices. I am very new to flower essences and working with plants in this way, so I have been taking it really slow. I would love any tips you have for someone who is new to flower essences, as I wasn't quite able to pin point the subtle changes within while working with them, but definitely felt more positive and spiritually connected.

“The more I connect with Mother Earth, and the plants, the more they have showed me the great need to slow down in my own life, and take on much less. So In the last month I have really stepped back in order to slow down and reevaluate my life, so that I can reprioritize what's important, and let go of what is no longer needed. Your support through the Flower Coven (the practices, and recordings etc.) have been so beautiful and encouraging. Your energy is also helping me to slow down and just BE, so thank you for showing up in such a beautiful way.”


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“I wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying the essences this month. I feel very drawn to this work and when I saw your offering I knew in my heart it was a part of my journey. I did the meditation again today and it was just lovely. Thank you for being so generous.”


5b52d5597c0e7e14dd89356d3de7e083 copy.jpg

“I really love the Flower Coven! What a beautiful inspired idea that you brought forth to support your sisters lives! I’m so impressed by you and admire you! You are such an inspiration to me! I hope one day to be like you. It’s true!

"Thank you for all the ways you have made me feel special and loved! I dare say everything you share and say resonates with me so deeply! I feel a deep connection with you! I think all of the sisters in the Flower Coven must feel it too! You embody kindness and magick! Your voice is so soft and pure in all of the recordings and you are so incredibly wise!”


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Option 1: Recurring Monthly

Option 2: Recurring Every 3 Months (Save $11)

Option 3: Recurring Every 6 Months (Save $22)

With your membership you will receive flower essences and other gifts sent to you in the mail every month. You can choose to join monthly or for an extended membership of 3 or 6 months.