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The Flower Coven 



THE FLOWER COVEN is a membership service which couples the power of energetic plant medicines like flower essences with meditations, rituals and practices guided by a monthly theme. This space was intentionally created to support you in building a relationship with your own intuition as you deepen your self-trust, dedicate time for self-nourishment, and build self-compassion for yourself wherever you are on your earth journey.

With our outer and inner worlds shifting, intensifying, expanding, I know these precious plant allies are a practical, affordable way to nourish ourselves as we re-claim our truth and let go of programs and filters that don’t serve us. The Flower Coven is created with the specific intention to bring us back to our center, experience the plant world, find our joy, and make space in our lives for really enjoying who we are becoming.

Each month you will be guided energetically by a Guardian. As the bridge between you and the Guardian, I channel a dedicated message and offer practices aimed to support your experience. The flower essences offer daily nourishment to your physical body as you strengthen, shift, grow, release, and create from your clearest most centered space within your heart.

There are two options for membership, FULL MEMBERSHIP in which you receive the flower essences and other gifts sent to you in person or the ONLINE ONLY VERSION. In the online version you receive all of the amazing content provided in the Flower Coven but without the physical flower essences and other herbal allies sent to you in the mail. Choose either the full Flower Coven with essences or the Flower Coven without essences below when registering.




Partnering with Gaia for greater Healing, Trust, and Magick in our lives



In my work I teach my clients a lot of practices to connect in with Intuition. Of all the practices I offer, learning to build a meaningful, heartfelt, genuine relationship with The Earth is the most profound. So, what’s your relationship with the Earth? Do you feel disconnected? Like the Earth is dirty/scary/unsafe? Or maybe you’re in awe of the beauty, the bounty, the wild essence the Earth holds?

However we feel it’s important to recognize and notice. There are important parts within the truth you hold about this relationship. The first place we are held is within the womb of The Cosmos, then the womb of our mother, and last we are held by Gaia.

✨You Matter Because You Were Born✨

If you believe like I do, there are multitudes of places you could’ve been born. Earth is just ONE of them. And this garden planet has welcomed you to be you in all the beautiful, epic, incredible, magickal ways that only YOU can. When we begin to really realize and feel The Earth is living and breathing and feeling, just like you and me, something shifts. Something changes. We become compassionate. We become caring. We start listening and giving back. And nurturing this relationship, helping the planet, talking to plants, elementals and stones, experiencing our wild nature - this is all available to you now.

The FLOWER COVEN in May is all about strengthening our relationship with the earth and archetype of Mother. Most of us feel cut off from the Earth. Do you feel this is by design? I do. It’s our time to re-member, re-claim, re-imagine what life on Earth really means. Together we will embody the healing of the earth from flower essences. We will learn how to talk with plants and elementals. We will practice dreamwork with plants too! We will meet the ancestors of the land we live on, get to know them, and give back in reciprocity. And we will learn to ground, relax, heal, and embrace the very earth under our feet.

The Earth can be our Greatest Teacher,
Open Your Heart, and Allow the Guidance In.


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Earth Magick
Dreamwork with Plants
Creating Healthy Boundaries
Releasing Fear of Speaking Your Needs
Softening the Heart as we (safely) open to the Great Mother
Connecting to Mother Archetype & Healing our Relationship with Mother
Open Hearted Work with the Earth through Flowers and Stones
Exploring Your Relationship to Your Wild Nature
Land Healing Rituals






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What you will receive in May
💛 💛 💛

✨ One flower essence formula of motherwort, spring beauty, and rose quartz ✨
✨ a piece of rare green kyanite for ritual and deep earth connection✨
✨ BONUS mugwort herb to use for dreamwork spells✨

all mailed to you and lovingly wrapped in organic cotton altar cloth plant dyed with nettle

What you will receive in your Online Curriculum
💛 💛 💛

✨ Written Exploration of our Mother theme with Gaia & Practices to support your connection ✨
✨ Channeled audio message, how to work with The Earth & specific guidance for you
✨ Dreamwork PDF Guide to Explore Deeper Answers to your Inner Questions ✨
✨ Working with Ancestors of the Land & Sacred Reciprocity ✨
✨ How to Work with Stones to Grow Your Dreams & Garden✨
✨ A Meditation Journey to Find Your Plant Ally ✨
✨ And much more… ✨

You’ll Receive a Full Month of Practices, Teachings, and Guidance to
Tend Your Relationship and Connection with Earth and Yourself.





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Flower Coven with Essences


Flower Coven Online Only
(without essences)


About Eliza


Poems and prayers and practical heart healing are my magick. I've been working with womxn to transcend the everyday 'ok-ness' in all areas of life since 2008. I'm the safe space, the holder of secrets, the friend you want to come and place all your fears at the feet of. I am the Threshold for your dreams as you get ready to express yourself out into the world. 

When I was 20 I went through the biggest heart break of my life where I was initiated through a series of traumas that lasted for another 10 years. I was finding my place in this world through the displacement of my family of origin. Walking the edge of the spiral of my life, my heart ripped from my chest, life as I knew it was over. And from the pain, a new womxn was born. 

No one's trauma or drama is easy, and now, many years later, I can see how every single experience met me so that I can be who I am as I am in this very moment. Sometimes, I think about how much easier my healing could have been if I had known about flower essences then!! But at that time the best I had available to me was, Louise Hay, Oprah, and what I could search for on the internet.

I was looking for hope, but I found my own sovereign heart as the medicine. The wounds were deep, but my power is deeper. 

When you're in the thick of the messiness of life, what you really need is a witness so the healing can begin. This is what I became for myself. Now, I share this balm with my clients. 

If you're a magickal womxn, this is the threshold for you to rise as the queen of your own heart. That we can break and break again and come back together is nothing short of miraculous. I am here to root down and hold space for you to heal and prepare the way for you own self-reclamation. 

walk back out into life
with the sun on your face
you will remember who are you.

Eliza has been the rooting presence for womxn as an intuitive guide since 2008. She uses her knowledge with herbalism, flower essence therapy and ancestral healing, and fuses it with lore, story, and focused intuitive strengthening tools to support womxn through the initiatory hallways of life. She is currently in training as a Priestess of Avalon with Joanne Ameya Cohen.

When you register you'll receive a welcome email and details about your membership. I’m always available for questions, please email: