+ Who's this Really For?

If you're a lightworker, starseed or spiritually curious this space is definitely for you. Everyone within the membership is at different levels and places in their lives so it gives you inspiration to stretch and grow at a pace that feels good for you. Many members have their own businesses or 'side hustles' with dreams of becoming a full on coach, healer, or creative space holder. And some members are happy 9 to 5ers. ALL are welcome. Come with an open heart and explore what's possible for you.

+ What's Included?

You'll be emailed access to your online classroom materials the 1st Friday of each month and receive ONE flower essence formula and ONE themed surprise bonus gift sent in the mail every month. Halfway through the month more materials are added to the online classroom to help you to keep exploring our theme. Inside our group app there are weekly prompts to guide your steps along the way. Feel free to engage as much or as little as feels good, you set the tone for your experience inside the membership. And you have lifetime access to all materials and everything is downloadable.

+ What's Your Cancellation Policy?

You can join for 1, 3, or a 13 month cycle. It's completely up to you. If you'd like to cancel your membership just email to let us know before the new month begins. Once access to the new month's materials have been given there are no cancellations for that month.

+ What are the Themes Each Month?

Great question! Each month is completely unique and special. Here is a list of the Themes and Guardians for the rest of 2019!

  • September: Stirring Your Caludron of Magick with Cerridwen
  • October: Honoring Your Shadow with Nephthys
  • November: Avalon Mysteries with Mogan le Fay
  • December: Celebrating The Epiphany with the Holy Family

+ I'm not on Facebook can I still join the community?

Yes! We have a private group to connect and share that's away from Facebook. Inside this group there is room for you to share what's coming up for you and you receive weekly audio check-in from Eliza focused on our theme / work for that specific week. This is set up to keep you connected with the group and to feel weclome to share your own process.