rituals for a beautiful life

why a daily ritual?

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there's something special abouT CREATING TIME FOR OURSELVES AS WOMXN.

There is so much programming about how we are supposed to care for our bodies but what about nourishing the dreams in our hearts? What about not feeling overwhelmed and overworked? What about taking the selfish undertones and judgements out of the self-care conversation?

After years of experimenting and working with clients on creating nourishing, supportive, kind ways to relate with our hearts, bodies, and emotional needs, I've found a daily ritual (or practice, sadhana) to be the key to unlocking your intuitive channels. When the pituitary relaxes enough, is nourished enough, and supported, we are able to deepen into true healing and power. I'd love to share with you these ideas and tips I've uncovered.

I'll walk you through how to create a daily practice that supports you and that you'll be excited to put into action.

You'll receive a free guide to support you in curating a daily ritual & special gifts on the 13th each month.