threshold healing

1 on 1 mentorship


Since 2008 I have been the rooting presence for womxn as an intuitive coach and guide. My clients biggest feedback when sharing the experience of our work together is that they feel safe, seen, and deeply listened to. You might read that and not feel the full value of the listening and witnessing aspect but I feel it's the most important part of my work.

How often do we share the deepest, most broken or vulnerable parts of our stories with someone only to feel like we weren't witnessed, cherished, or listened to. That we have been judged, that we have been misunderstood, that we have been shamed, or that our experience is somehow wrong, our expression too intense. This reinforces our fear that it isn't safe to be our true, authentic selves. It reinforces the fact that we need to put walls up around our hearts, that we can't share or be seen (which is a requirement to thrive in these times).

And I know, after doing this work, both in my personal transformation and with my clients, that we are somehow changed when we have the courage to share who we really are, in all the light and dark aspects, with others who are able to receive us. Because it does something harmful to us when we aren't seen, when we feel forgotten, ousted from the group, or invisible. It's your right to reclaim this, and create your own pathway to healing.

If you're wrapped in your invisibility cloak right now feeling the impossibility for you to ever be seen and loved for who you are, that there are so many parts of you that you've hidden away and now can't remember them by name, this is ok. And, I want you to know, with time and dedication, you can shift this.

In this very safe space that we co-create together, we will explore what safety looks like for you in your body, in your life, in your expression in the world around (and within) you. We will name and call back to you all of these pieces of your heart and spirit that have been hidden or that you have disassociated from. You will claim peace, you will be vulnerable, and you will be held.

You can share your wild, your witchy, your quirky, your fierce. You can bring your creativity, your passion, your talent. You can shine so so bright and in this threshold you are held, you are adored, you are admired for the courage it takes to be YOU in a complicated world that is programming us to feel small and worthless. Instead, I will root for you as you begin to claim your right to take up space in life and cast off all the long held programs that are holding you back. 


the process:

If this feels resonate for you, I'd love to have a free mini session over the phone. Click the apply button below to share a few of the details that feel important to you and what is happening in your life now. This will help to ground and guide our session.

Then, schedule your 1-1 time with me via the scheduler below. We will talk for about 45 minutes over the phone. This conversation is meant to support you toward clarity and if we are a good fit in working together one on one. Please bring any questions you have, and yes, sliding scale is available for those who need it.



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It's also important to mention what we won't do together.

I won't tell you what to do or give you a step by step formula on how to fix something in your life you are unhappy with. Though I will guide, nurture, support and offer suggestions.

I won't tell you how you are feeling, I know you are the expert on this.

I won't agree with you if you try to convince me that there's something wrong with you until you lose x pounds, make x money, have x success. I don't agree with the patriarchal programming that we need to be 'fixed' to be deserving. You are deserving of all you desire right in this very moment.

Everything you share with me will be deeply held in kindness, care, and respect. You will possibly be triggered by this amount of safety, comfort, and growth and I will support you through this growth moment. (The flower essence formula will really support you here too)


what to expect working together 1:1

I work with clients 1-1 over the phone in 3 or 6 month containers because this work is deep, powerful, and requires time. We are not in a rush!

This is not a pre-planned coaching program that uses the same teachings regardless of the client. Instead, we will co-create together through your life experiences and what needs immediate attention. I'll share any intuitive messages about your situation as they arise, offer you tools, meditations, and rituals you can work with again and again outside of the sessions. There will be a lot of time for you to process and share so that you can experience being witnessed and seen. You will also receive an individualized flower and gem essence formula in the mail each month to anchor the changes, and support you energetically.

A lot can happen. A lot will happen. You have so much to look forward to!

It's my deepest prayer that this work uplifts, inspires, and supports you way beyond our sessions and out into your life.