An interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

As I’ve become more connected to the earth I live on I’m finding so much beauty in how what I need is given to me by nature. Like, am I even deserving?! It’s the greatest love. 

I’ve had a prayer to connect more with violet and she’s literally doing incredible things to support me. Growing through cracks in the pavement, weaving in between other plants on the lawn, the places I’ve offered moon blood there she grows!

I love the idea that as living beings we are in such communication with the plants all around us whether we are conscious of it or not. ..

My heart is so open to what the plantcestors have to teach me. Wide open. What plants are calling to your heart? Are there plants you’re recognizing for the first time that you have a new interest in learning about?

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4 Summer Solstice Rituals for Mxnifesting What You Want & Letting Go of What You Don’t

I’ve been feeling really drawn lately to share with you more rituals to bring importance back into our action steps and everyday lives.

With the Summer Solstice upon us, I’d like to share with you some ideas and rituals you can use as we welcome more light back into our lives {literally, with longer days and shorter nights}. The Summer Solstice is the time when the Sun is at its most powerful – that’s why this is THE time for you to get support for the most hard to solve problems or stressors in your life. This is a time to bring light and hope and blessings and to receive your good.

Our ancestors celebrated rituals this time of year to honor our connection to the sun as the source of our ‘light’ and bring into our awareness the beauty and bounty within and all around us. That touches something in my heart that makes me really want to nurture these special times of year that are often overlooked by our own busy-ness. One folk custom to celebrate the Solstice was to weave flower wreaths and as you weave each flower into the wreath, whisper your biggest desire or dream that you want to see come true in the coming year. They’d finish the ritual by placing the wreath on a tree while singing and dancing together. So beautiful, right?

So in honor of slowing down and coming back home to ourselves, I’ve put together a few ideas and beautiful resources for you to create your own ritual on the 21st. If you’re interested in manifesting your dreams, accessing your true abundance, or stoking your internal fire after a season of stress, exhaustion or overall blah-ness, these’ll be sure to perk you up and having you in touch with your heart, your intuition and your inner world in no time. Use these rituals as a suggestion, a starting point to use with your imagination to create something that feels special and important for your summer season.

Summer Solstice Ritual #1: Reignite your inner fire

What’s a ritual without lighting a candle? Light your candle with the intention to stoke your inner flames. As you light your candle you’re intending to strengthen and bring forth more of your own personal power. In what ways have you felt you Light dimming over the last few months? Now’s the time for you to access your true inner power and to decide you’ll use the energy and light of the Sun to guide you in strengthening what once felt weak, dull or lackluster within you. 

Summer Solstice Ritual #2: Gather flowers, herbs, berries, and leaves to create art from Nature

This one is fun! You can do this with your kids, friends, family or by yourself. Create a mini altar or piece of art using the shapes, colors and textures found in nature. This is a really beautiful way for you to reflect the beauty and abundance you see in Nature by designing a flower mandala. {google it and be really inspired by what can be created from flower petals and leaves} Extra credit for choosing flowers that represent the sun like sunflower or calendula with their deep golden yellow hues. I especially like this idea because its something you can do in your backyard using your imagination. Say a little prayer when your art is complete and let it gradually wash away in the wind or rain overtime.

Summer Solstice Ritual #3: Take a light bath to reenergize

All you need to do is find a comfortable space outside where you can lie down. Make sure you’re really comfortable. Close your eyes and put one hand on your heart and one on your belly or both hands at your side facing up. As you’re lying down imagine your inner battery is being charged during this really special time when the Sun is it’s most powerful. If you’re doing this outside under the sun imagine the sun’s rays pulsing and embedding their love and healing into every cell. And if you’re inside imagine something similar – the Light from above is being drawn into each and every cell. Notice the places that feel the most depleted and watch with curiosity as they are being re-charged with ease. Envision your waterfall of Light embracing, revitalizing and supporting every bit of you – from the top of your head all of the way down to your feet.

Summer Solstice Ritual #4: Make a list of what you want to renew, manifest, and release from your life

I’d say it’s pretty customary to come to any sort of ritual or ceremony with some idea of what you’re excited to manifest and also what you’d like to release. You can make your list and put it near your lit candle, say them out loud and release the energy into the fresh air, or you can write it on a beautiful card to ceremoniously burn to signify the completion of your Solstice celebration. It’s what feels right for you. There’s no right or wrong way, there is only your way. Asking yourself some questions or taking some time to journal and reflect on what you truly desire and what you’d like to let go of that’s feeling hard, or that the cycle has completed is all that’s needed here. Trust what comes up!

I hope these ideas lit a spark of creativity and fun for you to take with you into this next cycle. With the Summer Solstice I want you to bring more joy, fun and freedom of expression into your life and manifest those dreams by trying a ritual that supports your vision and what you’re stepping into. I’d love to hear if you have a current ritual you practice at special times of the year like this. Post in the comments and share your beautiful wisdom! 


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If you were a flower, who would you be?

If I wrote a book it would be called, she dreams in flowers. And I will. And right now I do. When I'm processing something the right flower medicine will come to me in my dream until I meet these flowers in real life. Sometimes the irl element isn't necessary and I'm getting comfortable with that. 

Tiger Lily
Ohia Lehua
Hedgehog Cactus

I dream in flowers. My dreams are whispers, felt by these plants which come to give me their medicine and support me. And then like a great teacher, she will tell me her story and I’ll pay careful attention to all the beautiful details. She’s always patient with me as I re-call, re-member. 

Then I'll go into research mode until this flower consumes me. What's the deeper meaning? What's the medicine? Where can I meet her in her natural home? How can I walk, talk and act like this plant? This is my process. But it's not 'special' or unique. We can all do this when one tiny door has opened a crack in our hearts. ::

Messages of love. Of self-compassion and hope. Of belief in my innate goodness and strength. And also grounded practical support.

I am divine. The flowers tell me so. 
I am divine. My body grounds these visions of heart, of soul, and it really is practical magic. Everyday.

Open your heart like a lily.
Stand tall like a sunflower.
Be wildly sensual like a juicy red hibiscus.
Just don’t forget to be you.
The flower that you are, so unique and perfect.

If you'd like some support connecting with your plant teachers I'd be honored to create a flower essence formula for you. Learn more here.

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Channeling with Isis

She whispers…

Just showing up is enough.
Just showing up is enough.

You are enough.
You are enough.

We walk in a field hand in hand as she tells me the stories of legends and a time nearly forgotten. And she beams sacred symbols onto my forearms and into my 3rd eye. “The depth of the messages you’re receiving will reveal themselves to you”, she says. 

She can feel my impatient human-ness wants to see the full plan plotted and tested. “Just as the snake slithers out of her skin, you too are re-emerging, re-claiming. ALLOW the shedding. ALLOW for the places that were dark and dim to be filled with light and emotion and feeling once more. We are all here to celebrate you… “How do you wish for us to celebrate you?” 

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Sacred Activism with Brigid

As I practice my morning ritual of tending to Brigid's flame these words popped out at me. BRIGID AS ACTIVIST 🔥🐅

"Brigid is a peacemaker, but that does not imply passivity. She is also a goddess of justice who battles on behalf of the enslaved and the oppressed. She speaks truth to power. She wants you to find your own true voice and use it to make the world a better place. The sustained strength of women's voices together weaves powerful magic for change.

Literally and metaphorically. The wailing cry of grief called keening has been practiced for thousands of years as a protest against society's ills and domestic abuses."

As this eclipse comes closer, I am learning and reading and sitting with myself as I find my mistakes and grow from them. 

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Self-Care for the Times

When did feeling worried, exhausted, frustrated, and unhinged become the new norm? You want to know what to do but you’re so afraid it has to feel really hard until, well… it doesn’t.

When womxn come to me frustrated and totally depleted it shows me one thing: you’re not doing it wrong you were just never taught how to do it in the way that feels right for you.

My definition of self-care means showing up lovingly for yourself every single day. It means being gentle when you feel frantic. It means taking space away from the chaos even when it feels impossible. Indulging in the tiniest activities that evoke sanity and ease for you. It means being willing to look a little deeper when you’re about to stick your head in the freezer for some ice cream, or about to scream at your husband because he’s not reading your mind like you wish he would.

Spa days, bubble baths and massages are awesome if you’ve got the time and money. I would never tell you not to invest in them because these absolutely do add to your life. But, I like to look at those as the ‘high end’ varieties of self-care. For someone who is continually avoiding taking care of herself, these are not the answer because excuses about why you can’t, will run rampant. If you’re already feeling run down those thoughts will only bring you further down the rabbit hole.

Self-care is patience and kindness to yourself. It’s a practice. It changes as you change. And it’s something most women who are really stressed think is optional. It’s not. {Tweet it} 

It’s not about finding 5 hours, it’s about finding 5 minutes a day.

The #1 thing you need to stop doing if you’re feeling overwhelmed is continuously not taking care of yourself on the most basic levels.

So what I’d like for you to do right now (and over the next few days) is to take a look at the places in your life where you’re feeling totally stressed, overwhelmed and unfocused. Make a list. Write down every place where your energy is going and how it’s making you feel. You’ll be gathering data for the next few days. This exercise will help bring awareness to the places in your life where stress is growing so we can make some feel good adjustments. Then, we can add in some loving self-care on a daily basis which will add to your health and happiness.

I’ve made it super simple for you – use this worksheet I created for you.

First, you’ll look at the places that are causing your stress on a regular basis in your life. 

Second, you will uncover where you feel it in your body – basically you name it. Let’s play with the feeling of anxiety. If you’re feeling anxious ask yourself, when do these feelings come up? What activities am I engaged in when I feel anxiety? Make a mental note of it right now if it’s helpful.

Third is extra credit. When you’ve done steps 1 + 2 next you can create a menu of self-care action steps. The moment your anxiety flares up again you’ll have a mini plan to feel better with ease. You’ll feel empowered because you’ll know exactly what to do. List at least 3 but up to 10 so you have some variety.

Here’s an example:

  • deep breathing at your desk
  • take a quick walk outside
  • grab a favorite essential oil {orange is awesome for mood boosting} and rubbing in your palms as you connect with your breath, inhaling and exhaling for at least 6 rounds
  • take off your shoes and walk outside to get grounded
  • call a friend who is funny and will make you laugh
  • watch stupid but ridiculously cute puppy videos on Youtube
  • try a meditation!

When you’re practicing basic self-care you’ll be feeling so much more like the real you. When you’re not feeling like yourself it’s really important that you acknowledge those basic feelings of ‘something feels off’ and taking one small action step to shift out of the low vibration. You deserve that.

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