Summer Solstice Rituals for Celebration {and Fun}


Midsummer magick to you! Today we send our love and gratitude toward the SUN.. Our ancestors lived by the elements, nature, the sun, moon, and stars. They realized it looked as though the sun would stand still for 3 days at Solstice. So June 21st is the start of a 3 day portal of energy (ending on the 24th). As someone who likes to keep busy. 😅🙋🏻‍♀️ the idea of pausing for 3 days sounds poetic and a much needed invitation to slowwww down.

So what can we do to celebrate the Summer Solstice?

The things that make you shine - do that!
Or the ways you love to play - do those!
Or your favorite places in nature that expand your heart - go there!
And don’t forget, today’s the sweetest time to really turn you head and heart toward the Sun with appreciation. Think about it, the Sun is so unapologetic in it’s expression. Like it’s saying Here I AM! How can we tune into the fire-y heat of confidence and courage that our whole world revolves around?

These days of power can really deepen and establish greater grounded rhythms in our systems. It's nourishing and it's soothing to our nervous systems no matter what we are going through, the Solstice can help us hold steady.

Summer Solstice Rituals for celebration and fun ...

Summer Solstice Ritual #1 Solstice Sun Bathing
Pretty simple and energizing tbh. What I like to do is at the height of the day at about noon to go outside and allow the rays of the sun to dance on my skin. Especially amazing if you can imagine the rays of the sun entering your crown / top of the head. Just allow the energy and magick of this day and all that you need for nourishment and courage, fire, and inspiration to pour down on you and into your body. 

Summer Solstice Ritual #2 Embrace Play with Elementals
Grab your littles or call on the fae to show you how to play! I think we have lost our childlike spirit in return for adulting. Today call on your angels, faeries or unicorns and call on FUN. See where the day takes you and allow your inner child to take you on an adventure! 

Summer Solstice Ritual #3 Make a Solstice Elemental Essence
One of my favorite favorite times to make an essence is during these potent power days. Why not make a solar infused prayer elixir? Your dreams and visions + solar activation of the Solstice = 🔥💚🌈 If you’d like instructions on how to do this send me an email I have a written pdf for my Flower Coven members that I’m happy to share with you.

A few favorite flower essences to explore during the Solstice Portal:

Pink Honeysuckle for Lightness and Joy
Violet to uncover your own magick and hidden layers of self

Sunflower for expansion and outward expression of courage and personal truth
White Yarrow for angelic lightness and protection of your energy so that you don’t take in what isn’t yours

Lemon Balm for full body relaxation and peace - seriously, the best!
Red Yarrow for showing your passion and moving you into right action.

I’d love to hear some of your favorite essence combinations for balancing your being and any other Solstice insights or rituals you love. What ways do you love to celebrate the Solstice?


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