Grounding Meditation for Post Eclipse Support

If you're short on time, scroll down, I made this grounding meditation for you. I hope it supports you to integrate all the emotions or situations you've been working with since the eclipse.

The longer story is that eclipses bring up a lot to be looked at. We might be feeling anger, frustration, sadness, loneliness, exhaustion - and we might also be on the other side of the spectrum with excitement, joy, and lots of positive forward movement. Which side of the road would you say you are on?

Both are valid. Both are necessary for our process. That first eclipse had me on one side of the road and now I'm safely on the other feeling pretty great. It's our daily practices to nourish ourselves that make all the difference. This is why I recorded a grounding meditation to support you.

This is a practice I use every day at least for 3 minutes. It helps me to reconnect to my source and in the meditation, I share about how to use the emerald flame to transmute any harder experiences or feelings, things we are holding onto, baggage, nasty self talk into the flame to lighten our load.

We don't need to carry that stuff around with us anymore...

Enjoy this meditation I made for you to ground into the earth. This deeply calms and soothes our nervous system. I invite you to try this meditation and use your intuition to grow this practice for healing, nourishment and support everyday. The earth is here to support us in deep ways, and this is a practice that I practice with so much gratitude because of how much I receive from it again and again. In the meditation I also teach you how to call on the emerald flame of your heart to trasmute the fears, stress, worry, pain you’re holding - now is the time to bravely let all that doesn’t serve you go, for good!

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