If you were a flower, who would you be?

If I wrote a book it would be called, she dreams in flowers. And I will. And right now I do. When I'm processing something the right flower medicine will come to me in my dream until I meet these flowers in real life. Sometimes the irl element isn't necessary and I'm getting comfortable with that. 

Tiger Lily
Ohia Lehua
Hedgehog Cactus

I dream in flowers. My dreams are whispers, felt by these plants which come to give me their medicine and support me. And then like a great teacher, she will tell me her story and I’ll pay careful attention to all the beautiful details. She’s always patient with me as I re-call, re-member. 

Then I'll go into research mode until this flower consumes me. What's the deeper meaning? What's the medicine? Where can I meet her in her natural home? How can I walk, talk and act like this plant? This is my process. But it's not 'special' or unique. We can all do this when one tiny door has opened a crack in our hearts. ::

Messages of love. Of self-compassion and hope. Of belief in my innate goodness and strength. And also grounded practical support.

I am divine. The flowers tell me so. 
I am divine. My body grounds these visions of heart, of soul, and it really is practical magic. Everyday.

Open your heart like a lily.
Stand tall like a sunflower.
Be wildly sensual like a juicy red hibiscus.
Just don’t forget to be you.
The flower that you are, so unique and perfect.

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