Flower Essences for Transitions or, When Fear gets the best of us

I had a powerful experience this week around the stories we play over in our heads, the truth behind them and how we can look at our fear straight in the eye.

What's the story you are re-telling in your head or that you repeat over and over without thinking about it. Something you're comfortable with accepting but might no longer actually be true? Mine was a 2-for-1, I need clarity in order to move forward but I don't know where I'm going. I want to know, when am I going to have clear guidance on what to do. But what if the path we are on is the path? It is the lesson. It already is the growth point. 

I heard the critic in my head telling me, all the things about why I can't have what I want. I didn't try to fix it. I listened to that inner voice, I let it do cartwheels all over me until I heard all it had to say. All the ways I don't feel good enough, all the reasons I don't think I can have what I truly want, all the fears and frustrations, all the sadness, the very real panic and anxiety, and the ways I've felt hurt and betrayed.

I gave these stories my full attention and when the script was complete I thought about all she had to say. These were some really valid points. I am scared to offer my voice to the world. I am worried about things I can't control. I do care so freaking much about the people in my life so much so I do put other people above my own needs at times. It does feel difficult to live in a womxn's body and mxneuver through society. It does feel awkward to stand up and set boundaries. And also, I am worth thatAnd you are worth that. We are worth the working on ourselves in the ways that work for us emotionally, physically, economically. We are worth that.

So I sat with this entitled, spoiled, privileged voice in my head and I listened and witnessed her. I came to her, and I let that need to control leave my body. When we are feeling out of control, the instinct is to fix it, but the helpful thing is to witness without trying to change or force.

If you've been having a hard time untangling yourself from any stories that don't fit you anymore, stories that may feel difficult or that are holding you back. I'd like to offer a few journal prompts and flower essences to support you.

I have so much more to say about our stories and how we can use them to learn and grow from rather than as a constant place of disempowerment and pain. Our stories are a big part of who we are but they don't have to be all that we are. Our stories deserve to be voiced and heard, and also listened to and witnessed. I hope this is a safe starting point for you. 

Journal Prompts to Support You toward your own Inner Clarity...

What's the full story that I'm taking on as truth? And how can I begin to unwind myself from this?
Where am I not taking responsibility? Or, where am I taking over-responsibility for something that isn't mine to own? 
What am I feeling in my body (fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt)? And where is it showing up in my body?
What's one thing I can do today to experience a small shift in the power struggle (control) over this situation?
What new story can I begin to speak that feels more freeing, more kind, more compassionate?

3 Flower Essences to Support you in Times of Transition & Fear

Mariposa Lily flower essence for self-mothering, and soothing feelings of not being enough. She can help you find freedom and open you to kindness toward your self. 

One of my favorites for fear is Mimulus flower essence. You can take this essence anytime you are experiencing any specific fear or anxiety. A great helper to ease and support you. 

And Stinging Nettle flower essence for those times when you need to come out of the mists and back into your life. I've found this essence shows me the places where I might have unhealthy relationships or addictions (scrolling on insta anyone...) and guide toward more beneficial responses.

If you'd like a custom flower essence formula and consultation. I'd be honored to support you! May we all feel witnessed. May we all experience peace. And so it is.

And... if you feel you'd like more support, I'd love to work with you 1-1. You can schedule a free session here to see if we'd be a good fit. I'd love to meet you!

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