Co-Existing & Honoring Crystals and Other Beings

✨ I don’t USE crystals I befriend them. ✨
✨ I don’t USE flower essences I learn from them. ✨
✨ I don’t USE mantras I vibrate and sing them. ✨

In these times it's valuable to reframe our language with intentional meaning. This is why I’ve been sitting so much with how I take and from who. Why do I take and who is owed reparations? Whether peoples or earth. 

It’s my responsibility to always give back more than I take. Always. And IF I’m lucky, I receive so much more than I could ever possibly give, but without an expectation. 

From these relationships with my allies I access deeper ways to heal. Because my healing is in my own hands. My growth is my responsibility. My determination to shift oppressor/oppressed societal markings is a choice I make within my daily practices. 

For me this has meant giving away all sage and palo santo . These are not my or my ancestors sacred plants. 

This has meant honoring the sacred goddesses from my own culture and getting to know and relate with Her rather than picking and choosing the She that is popular and revered in cultures I cannot claim. 

This has meant deep research into the practices of my ancestors which I know will be a lifetime of re-learning. 

This means not taking plants I see in the wild unless I ask permission, and really, admiration is so much better than foraging in most cases. I can grow what I want to make for medicines in my own garden. Just because I see something doesn’t mean it’s meant for me. 

And on and on I could go. This is just the beginning. I do not USE. I honor. I listen. I pause. I learn. And I am always, always open to receive if it is to be so. 

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