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Calling all Earth Keepers, Light Workers, and Magickal Ones,


You’re invited to a free 3-part video series designed to support you to…

✨ know exactly what to do for clarity, confidence, and forward movement on your purpose work (aka your Quest)

✨discover a deep re-membrance of what a Plant Priestess is and how to activate your own innate gifts through your life and work

✨ reveal your specific Priestess Powers, what they are, and how to anchor them in your life with love

You’ll Also Receive…

✨ 3 powerful and simple Activation Practices to take outside of the videos and into your real life (and be seen by a community of heart-centered earth angels just like you)

✨ Journal Prompts, Explorations, and a Guided Meditation to work with again and again to merge deeply with your Higher Self for reflection and attunement to your innate magick

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